devin buck jones
Devin “Buck” Benson

As a partner at Barton Benson Jones PLLC, Mr. Benson brings 20 years of experience with a concentration in the areas of water rights, zoning and land use development and property owners associations.


A graduate of Texas A&M University (B.S. with Honors 1995) and St. Mary’s University School of Law (J.D. 1998), Mr. Benson devotes a significant amount of his practice to water-related issues including both groundwater and surface water.

In particular, he has dealt with permitting, use, ownership and conveyance matters associated with groundwater and surface water for clients. He has represented numerous clients before groundwater districts throughout the state, including the Edwards Aquifer Authority, and the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality regarding permitting, regulatory and enforcement matters.

Mr. Benson’s practice also focuses on the representation of developers and businesses before city, county, state authorities and school districts. Mr. Benson has considerable experience in zoning matters and has represented developers and property owners in numerous communities throughout the state. Throughout the development process, from commencement to completion, Mr. Benson has assisted clients in obtaining approvals related to their developments in those jurisdictions.

Mr. Benson also focuses on representing property owner associations throughout the state on a variety of matters including the preparation, amendment and interpretation of restrictive covenants as well as general corporate governance matters. He also advises association boards regarding operational issues, contracts and compliance with applicable federal and state laws as well as local statutes and ordinances and represents associations in a variety of matters before city and county departments.

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